Full Dentures

Full Dentures
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Lasting Full Dentures in Everton Park

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The Complete Process

In order to provide you with the best service, comfort and personalised dentures, full dentures require a minimum of six appointments. 

1st Appointment

During your first appointment, we will discuss your options and take a primary impression with a stock tray in order to get a guide of what the mouth looks like. From the impression, we make a custom-fitting tray.
Additional Details
We can also carve the base to give your dentures the appearance of real gums, as well as using different tints to adjust the pinkness of the gums. We do everything we can to make them look as real as possible. 

2nd Appointment

Using the custom tray, we take a new impression and get an even more accurate impression of the mouth that picks up all the details. 

3rd Appointment

Next, we make wax blocks and trim them roughly to the size of the denture. We then use these wax blocks to register the patient’s bite. We also discuss the characterisations of the denture, such as teeth layout, colouration, etc. 

4th Appointment

On your fourth appointment, we will set the teeth up in the wax blocks and test them in your mouth to check that we have the correct bite, tooth shape, colour, look and feel. If there are major changes, we will adjust them. In the case of a change to the bite, you may need to come in for an additional appointment to ensure we get everything correct. 

5th Appointment

The final dentures are tested, and we check that everything fits perfectly. 

6th Appointment

The sixth appointment is a follow-up to ensure that there are no sore spots and everything feeling as it should. 

Later Adjustments

Adjustments are free, and we have time set aside every day for adjustments to ensure you don’t have to endure the pain. 

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